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Brazilian Cosmetic compliance

Regulatory Compliance Solutions for the Brazilian Cosmetic Industry

We provide comprehensive insights into Brazil’s regulatory framework for cosmetics. Our aim is to guide manufacturers through the intricate regulations, ensuring full compliance and understanding.

Firstly, the primary regulatory authority is ANVISA (Agência Nacional de Vigilância Sanitária). ANVISA oversees the safety and efficacy of cosmetic products. Therefore, understanding ANVISA’s guidelines is crucial for your business operations.

Moreover, the Ministry of Health regulates the manufacture and import of cosmetics under Law no. 6.360 and Decree no. 8077. These regulations ensure product safety and quality, thereby protecting public health.

Additionally, we outline the essential steps for cosmetic product registration. ANVISA requires either product registration or prior notification, depending on the risk classification. Products are classified into Class I (low risk) and Class II (high risk) categories.

Furthermore, specific requirements such as labeling, packaging, and advertising standards are strictly enforced. This information ensures your products meet legal requirements and appeal to consumers. Besides, we highlight the importance of Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) and their impact on product quality and safety.

Foreign manufacturers aiming to place their products on the Brazilian market must appoint a local representative. This representative is responsible for ensuring compliance with all regulatory requirements and acts as the point of contact with ANVISA.

In conclusion, our objective is to be your trusted guide in navigating the regulatory framework for cosmetics in Brazil. We are committed to delivering accurate, up-to-date information and supporting your business at every step. Join us in ensuring your cosmetic products comply with all regulations and succeed in the Brazilian market.

Our Services


Regulatory Compliance Consulting

We provide comprehensive regulatory compliance consulting, ensuring that cosmetic products meet all ANVISA requirements. Our experts guide you through the regulatory landscape, helping you understand and adhere to local laws, thus avoiding potential legal issues and ensuring smooth market entry.

Quality Management

Product Registration and Notification

We facilitate the registration and notification process for cosmetic products with ANVISA. Our services include dossier preparation, submission of necessary documentation, and follow-up with the regulatory authorities to secure approvals for both Grade I and Grade II products efficiently.

Local Representation for Foreign Manufacturers

We offer local representation services, essential for foreign manufacturers. Our local representatives handle all technical and legal responsibilities, ensuring compliance with Brazilian regulations and acting as the primary point of contact with ANVISA.

Cosmetic Formulation and Ingredient Review

We assist in reviewing cosmetic formulations and ingredients to ensure they comply with ANVISA regulations. Our team evaluates each component’s safety and legal status, providing you with a comprehensive assessment to avoid any regulatory setbacks.

Biological Evaluation

Labeling and Packaging Compliance

We ensure your cosmetic products’ labeling and packaging meet Brazilian standards. Our services include reviewing labels for accuracy and compliance with ANVISA guidelines, ensuring that all mandatory information is correctly displayed to avoid any regulatory issues.

Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) Consulting

We help you implement and maintain Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) in your production processes. Our consulting services include audits, training, and documentation support to ensure your manufacturing operations meet the high standards required by ANVISA.

Claims Review and Validation

We provide claims review and validation services to ensure that all marketing claims for your cosmetic products are substantiated and compliant with Brazilian regulations. Our experts assess product claims to prevent misleading information and regulatory penalties.

Regulatory Intelligence

Regulatory Intelligence Services

We offer regulatory intelligence services to keep you updated on the latest changes in cosmetic regulations in Brazil. Our team monitors and analyzes regulatory developments, providing you with timely information and strategic advice to maintain compliance.

Submission File

Dossier Compilation and Submission

We specialize in compiling and submitting comprehensive registration dossiers to ANVISA. Our services ensure that all required documents are prepared accurately and submitted promptly, facilitating a smoother approval process for your cosmetic products.

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