Toxicological Risk Assessment

Toxicological Risk Assessments for Medical Devices

Toxicological risk assessments are therefore crucial for ensuring medical devices comply with the Medical Device Regulation (EU) 2017/745 (MDR). Moreover, these evaluations examine potential health risks posed by device materials, thus ensuring safety and effectiveness before market entry. Specifically, under Annex I, General Safety and Performance Requirements (GSPR), manufacturers must consequently address chemical, physical, and biological risks as per ISO 10993-17 standards.

Furthermore, GSPR 10.4.3 requires a thorough justification for the presence of carcinogenic, mutagenic, or toxic to reproduction (CMR) substances, such as phthalates, in medical devices. Our services include comprehensive evaluations of these substances, helping manufacturers demonstrate compliance.

Additionally, our toxicological risk assessments incorporate risk mitigation strategies. These strategies proactively identify and address potential hazards, ensuring both regulatory compliance and patient safety. We provide detailed reports for regulatory submissions, thus supporting manufacturers in meeting stringent EU requirements.

Moreover, our assessments include a benefit-risk analysis, as required by the MDR. This analysis ensures that any risks associated with the device materials are justified by the benefits to patient health. Through rigorous testing and expert evaluation, our services facilitate smoother regulatory approval processes.

In conclusion, our toxicological risk assessments enable manufacturers to meet the stringent requirements of the MDR, ensuring their medical devices are safe and effective for patient use. Through detailed reporting and risk mitigation, we support compliance and enhance patient safety.

Why do you need this service?

Regulatory Compliance: 

Ensuring compliance with EU MDR 2017/745 is mandatory. Toxicological risk assessments help manufacturers meet specific requirements under Annex I GSPR and GSPR 10.4.3, thereby avoiding regulatory penalties and ensuring market entry.

Patient Safety: 

By identifying and mitigating chemical, physical, and biological risks, toxicological assessments ensure that medical devices are safe for patient use. This enhances the device’s reliability and trustworthiness in the healthcare market.

Market Competitiveness: 

Comprehensive toxicological risk assessments and detailed reporting facilitate smoother regulatory approval processes. This accelerates time-to-market, giving manufacturers a competitive edge and ensuring their products meet high safety and performance standards.

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