Brazilian Registration Holder

In the often complex and ever-changing landscape of Brazilian regulatory affairs, Sobel Consultancy steps in as your trusted Brazilian Registration Holder, serving as an essential link between foreign medical device manufacturers and Brazil. With deep-rooted expertise for medical devices, our services are designed to navigate the labyrinthine rules and procedures with precision and efficiency.

Our representation service ensures your products meet the stringent regulatory standards, fostering seamless market access. When you engage Sobel Consultancy, you receive more than a representative; you gain a dedicated partner committed to ensuring your regulatory compliance, thereby safeguarding your brand's reputation and market position.

Why do you need this service?

Every manufacturer that has no legal entity within Brazil, needs an authorized representative within Brazil. Sobel has the necessary legal structure in place.

In case your product causes a vigilance case, we will handle this in a professional and effective manner. We help you to gather the required information and communicate with the authorities.

Your business growth and you need support for more complex services? Complete regulatory, biological and clinical evaluation? We are at your side and handle even difficult request.

Looking for Brazilian Registration Holder assistance?

If you are looking for a Brazilian Registration Holder for your medical devices, Sobel can provide you with everything you need to get your business running in the Brazilian market.

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